Setting a Good Example

Jenna Bush was on the Today Show this morning, promoting her new children's book. She went on and on about how her parents were always reading when she was growing up.


mamoo said...


our president has the book upside down.

Ken said...

LOL @ me not catching the book upside down.

And I should hope Jenna's mom read to her all the time. She's a librarian. If she didn't, it would kinda be like a dentist not teaching their child to brush their teeth and floss.
-Ken Hamm

ads. said...

That's the kinda picture that really puts the DUH in "Dubya".

ButtonHole said...

......her daddy can read? I'd no idea!

Mary Campbell said...


Collin said...

Only eight more months of this clown.

Anne Marie said...

I bet that W read to them the most as children. Once they grew out of picture books, it was all over.

Anonymous said...


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