Inman Park Festival on Saturday


Blaise said...

i told ga everyone loves funnel cakes.

ButtonHole said...

When I saw that car, I thought it was the same as the one I posted tonight on my blog. Would that be THE weirdest coincidence??

(but what if it IS the same and they've just stuck on different detritus plus the Barbie centerpiece? My pic was taken at least 15 years ago!)

Collin said...

T.Ro, we must have driven right past you in the Zipcars.

jessicatillyer said...

we went too! Man, I loved it! So happy.

mamoo said...

i would loved to have gone but nobody invited me.

Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

Oh wow, it's the Monday morning after the Inman Park parade. Time to check the AJC op/ed pages for any right-wingers from the 'burbs whining about how peaceniks just ruined the whole thing for 'em!

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