I think I have edited the last post about seven times. The reason: I am so afraid of spelling and grammatical errors appearing on T's blog. That is why I hardly ever comment. I think she going to kick me out of the house as soon as she reads what I've posted. With every word I type, I think, Is this the correct verb tense? Is 'edited' spelled correctly? Right now, I am wondering if I am using the correct punctuation.

There is so much pressure that comes along with guest blogging.


Collin said...

Don't sweat it E! T.Ro is not the queen of grammer...err...grammar.

Jennifer said...

I hate to tell you this, but you are NOT using the correct punctuation. When you insert a word into your text in quotation marks, you need to use DOUBLE quotation marks rather than single quotation marks UNLESS the quote appears within a quote. Unfortunately for you, several of your readers have advanced degrees in English, so you're screwed any way you slice it. Keep up the good work, however! Track down those frightening pictures too!
-Dr. Jennifer
p.s. I imagine Dr. Button will be on hand shortly to comment on your writing as well.

ButtonHole said...

Dr. Button to the rescue. I believe E! was employing the veddy veddy proper Bridish usage of the quotation!

Funny story on the "edited" spelling, though. I applied for a job at a junior college many years ago. Desperate for cash, so I considered myself to be, frankly, slumming. In my cover letter I listed my spectacular skills, one of which, apparently, was not "editting." How kind the director of the composition program was to write me back and let me know, in no uncertain terms, that their little college was not interested in hiring an English instructor who could not spell "editing."

Best mnemonic device I've ever had!!

ads. said...

There, E! You've been given a pass from the smart folks to carry on...
Speaking as a member of the Dumb-Shits Association, I say,"spew forth all the 'verbal vomit' you can muster and call it good...we will read it and ask for more!" I'm sure T won't be too harsh on you. What's the worst that can happen? She could make you kiss a dog, maybe?

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