Why I'll never jog in the dark again: This road kill was discovered at the main intersection of my small neighborhood.


Collin said...

Did you jog back to get the shovel? Maybe you should start jogging with one...it's extra weight to carry and you can defend yourself against snakes and other pervs who might be trolling the neighborhood.

Cuidado said...

oh my god!!!!!

Tania Rochelle said...

My neighbor, who caught me taking road kill pics about 100 car-smashes later, offered me this one he took right after the "accident." You don't want to see the pics I took.


that is really scary.
makes the transexual, drug dealing hookers in my neighborhood look like Christian missionaries.

Allan said...

Take heart, Copperheads do not lie in wait for joggers. You are in more danger of drivers swerving wild-eyed to try to run over, or re-run over any snake, regardless of species.

Tania Rochelle said...

Maybe so, but I once ran up on a rattlesnake about that size when I was jogging at Cheatham Hill. The snake turned out to be dead, but I felt like I'd had a heart attack. I think I would have if it had actually moved.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord Awmighty. That's truly frightening. Uggghhhh.

Garrison Keiller once said, "Well, I reckon Southerners are ok people, and I've met some good ones, but sooner or later, all Southerners will start talking about snakes."

Some like to "handle 'em" too. Or stand around and take pictures!

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