Thanks to Biggy

In order for me to go to hang out with writer's in Valdosta this weekend, Biggy had to handle the household schedule alone, which included getting kids up/ready ready for school on Thursday; picking Lo up at school and getting her to softball practice; getting George's suddenly flat tire patched at Goodyear; picking JackMan up from band practice; getting kids ready for school on Friday, remembering to pack Lo's snack, water, lunch money (but I make her lunch when I'm home), veterinarian costume for Career Day; getting JackMan to school with uniform for football game halftime show; picking Lo up from her kindergarten-class reunion ice cream social; attending JackMan's football game; getting Lo ready for softball pictures taken at 7:30 a.m. Saturday; getting Jack to East Cobb parade band performance at 9 a.m.; attending Lo's softball game; picking JackMan up from parade and taking him to all-day band practice at school; taking Lo to my mom's so they could make up the Friday date they missed due to ice cream social; going to grocery store to purchase things on list dictated by an angry George who was out of Splenda; picking JackMan up for band practice dinner break and taking him to Zaxby's; taking JackMan back to band practice; and--surprise of surprises--straightening up the house for me before going to Wild Wings to watch Florida game.

I came home early, because--believe it or not, I was homesick.

I picked JackMan up from practice, so I get a gold star.


Collin said...

Poor Biggy.

You'd better put out AND hire a nanny.


Anonymous said...

um. Kindergarten class reunion ice cream social. Man, kids really are growing up fast these days.

Anonymous said...



Good God, Tania, with all of those friggin tasks, you DO need a wife...sounds like Biggy did a darn good job though...you should take him to Faces to celebrate!

M. Ru Pere said...

so T. showed up in Valdosta with a stunning henna/black "do"(think new wave Jane Russell) - I think maybe she has an alternate personna South of Macon
me: whoa, you look great
T: shuttup, I used a new product that was mis-labeled.
me: lemme get a pic for the blog
T: No way. Get away from me.
me: Seriously. It looks good.
T: Right, you just want a picture of me so all my friends will make fun of me.
me: Think of the comments. You'll get like 30 plus comments.
T: (weakening) Really?
me: Absolutely, it'll be a feeding frenzy of comments.
T: (coming to her senses) No. Get away from me.

Tania Rochelle said...

R- I was there. You did NOT say "you look great."

minus five said...

dang. if it were me left alone with all of those children, i would have hired a driver off craigslist to cart them around and then made sure i took plenty of naps the whole time they were away.

either that, or i would have paid them off to say that i took them to all of those places.

at least the gators magically came out with a win last night. that would have sucked to have worn yourself out like that and then have your team lose.

Biggy said...

Here was the schedule:

4:30 pick Lola up from icecream social
4:45 Go to Publix to pick up Sudafed for sick Georgia. Instructions were to get drowsy and non-drowsy. however due to meth addicts, now only allowed to buy one pack at a time in state of Georgia
5:30 take Jack to football game
6:00-7:00 install new steps that arrived for FJ
7:30 Lola and I leave for football game
9:30 leave football game after watching Jack's performance to go eat at Zaxby's
10:30 Pick up Jack from football game

7:00 wakeup, rush to get Lola's uniform on
7:15 leave for softball photos
8:30 pick up Jack, take him to parade drop off point
9:00 arrive at Lola's softball game
9:30-11:00 watch Pink Panthers lose due to coaching errors
11:30 pick up Jack from Parade
12:00 return home so Jack can change
12:15 leave for lunch at Chic-fil-A
1:00 drop Jack off at band practice
2:00 meet Mamoo at Church to exchange Lola for Georgia (who got the better in of that trade?)
2:00-2:30 enjoy hilarious conversation with Georgie
3:00 leave to get haircut and groceries for angry Georgia
4:00 return, fall asleep watching Auburn vs LSU
5:00 wakup, rush to go pick up Jack
5:30 take Jack to Wendy's
6:00 drop Jack back off at school
6:30-7:30 clean house while beginning drinking in preparation of FLAvsTENN
7:30 Tania gets home, leave to watch game
8:00-11:00pm watch mighty gators win in close game.

Watching gators get one step closer to SEC championship erased memories of playing taxi driver all day.

Plus today got to take Lola to Falcon's game today (which they won despite 4 missed FG's). It was a good weekend.

Tania Rochelle said...

I have to deduct points for Biggy feeding my son fast food twice in one day.


I deduct additional points for falling asleep during the LSU-Auburn game. Even though the tigers lost..... :-(

Biggy said...

T, it was actually 3 times. I picked up Zaxby's for him Friday night.

Collin said...

Tania with black hair? Hmmm...I can't imagine. I hope Rupert got a photo on the sly.

A said...

Go gators, Biggy.

mamoo said...

tania, you dyed your hair BLACK? like in BLUE/BLACK? honey, didn't anyone ever tell you dyed black hair makes one look older? better to go platinum like me.

Tania Rochelle said...

Rupert is more colorblind than I am! It's not black; it's dark brown with a reddish something--at least according to Georgia and Sadie.

I meant for it to be copper.

But I don't even care. In fact, I might just shave my head.

Rupert's a real meanie, but I'll give him a pass because he's funny.

mamoo said...

now, that sounds more like the mature, responsible sweetheart i raised.

Anonymous said...

Apparently you forgot to put "Write a new blog" on Biggy's to do list.

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