Last Night,

I dreamed I wrote a poem.


Collin said...

And did you wake up and write one?

We missed you today at Voices Carry...and Java Monkey was off the chain.

Anonymous said...

Is that a Commodore 64? Do you type your poems in BASIC first before the ocmputer can print them?

Tania Rochelle said...

What the heck is a Commodore 64?

minus five said...

t: a commodore 64 was one of the original personal computers. it was introduced in 1982. i'm not sure why anon is taking stabs at your computer since yours isn't all that old.

Biggy said...

I had a dream that there was no such thing as bad music and that Clay Aiken was really good.

minus five said...

don't pick on clay, biggy. he's a nice little guy who was bullied enough in school. pick on taylor hicks. because he's an idiot.

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