Friday Nostalgia

The wedding of Charles and Diana took place July 29, 1981--just a few weeks after my high school graduation. Princess Di was only two years older than I was, and I was fascinated with this young barely-woman who was marrying this ancient, hideously ugly man. No fortune or crown could be worth THAT, I thought, so I figured she must have loved him to his decrepit bones.

When I learned of her death, in September, 1997, Greg and I were at the Georgia Goodtime Boogie, a weekend-long secret camp-out/music festival, where any kind of canned music sources were prohibited and you could only get cell service if you wrapped your phone in tin foil and climbed a tree. Someone coming in late had heard the news on the road, so we all hiked back to our cars to listen to the radio. Even Biggy was sad.


Collin said...

Good post, T. I'm still devoted to this woman, despite all her flaws and the negative criticism she receives even in death. I knew the moment I first saw her back in the early 80s, that she would always be in my life in some distant way. The morning I crawled out of bed at 4 a.m. to watch the wedding and got my first real look at London, I knew instantly it's where I belonged. I still believe that today.

minus five said...

i was 6 when they got married. does this make you feel old? you could have been my babysitter.

5x5 equals said...

I was born two days after they were married. My parents kept the newpaper so I could see what was going on when I was born. Just thought I would share.

Tania Rochelle said...

Yeah, NOW I feel old.


I think the reason she became so iconic is that she did have flaws...that she disclosed publicly...people could relate to her even though she was royalty. Her funeral was the day after my birthday in '97 and I was, actually, living in Atlanta at the time...like the rest of the world, I woke up at the crack of dawn and watched the funeral...despite the fact that I was never a big Diana follower (except for the fact that I had a little crush on her), it was still so sad...perhaps because there is a part of her that seemed innocent and not jaded...and genuinely good.

Jennifer said...

I thought it was sad when Diana died so young and so tragically, but I was never that into her. But, when John John Kenneday's plane went down, I cried for two weeks afterwards.

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