Deep Conversation

Beverly Hills psychotherapist Julie Armstrong says, "There is a place in your mind that you cannot directly access. It remembers everything and feels intensely. It registers your deepest experiences. This is your Unconscious...When you dream at night, the feelings from your Unconscious are translated into dream images or stories..."

This morning:

TR: I dreamed that I was at a poetry reading and my father was there. He was sitting with my mother and grandmother, which was already strange (like those two would actually come to a reading!), besides which my mother wouldn't even sit in the same state with Bob. So Mary was in the row ahead of me, and I leaned in and told her, "Look, that's my father over there. I haven't seen him in thirteen years." Then I woke up.

Biggy: I dreamed somebody stole my FJ.


minus five said...

i can see how biggy's dream would be more disturbing.

Biggy said...

oh what, should i be dreaming about how i was given away as a child? Puh-lease.

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