Just so you know, my youngest daughter has every manner of Barbie and her accoutrements, as well as an extensive My Little Pony collection. And not only does she have an Easybake Oven, but she also has a S'Mores machine, a cotton candy spinner, and a Glitterator. It's just that, well, we keep those electrical things put up high on a shelf.

Because Lo doesn't play with her toys the way normal girls do.


Jennifer said...

I am very glad to see that Barbie is topless and that the Little Ponies look like they've been scalped. I am concerned, however, to note that Lola appears to be wearing an exam glove in the bottom picture. Cool t-shirt with the horse, but what is up with the glove? Is it Biggy's and she just borrowed it?

Biggy said...

don't all kids play with latex gloves and packing tape?

Tania Rochelle said...

Barbie has also had a trim, if you haven't noticed.


I think little Lola is doing just fine!
I would've killed for a camo t-shirt with a horse screen printed on it at her age...hell, I'd love one now if I weren't so busy jumping out of cakes without my clothes on.

minus five said...

lola does exactly with her toys what i always imagined doing with mine. only in my house, it would have meant certain death. you should be proud that your kid might grow up to be exactly like me.

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