Tammy & Krystal Do the North Georgia State Fair

The documentary.


Jennifer said...

The best part about the picture is that Tammy and Krystal are posing under the Italian Sausage sign. In the bull pic, Biggy looks like he's touching his own sausage/johnson/Oscar Mayer weiner. T, I double dog dare you to wear that air-brushed t-shirt to your reading tomorrow.

M. Ru Pere said...

yes, I think it's time we all started getting our clothes out for the Tech reading - due to age and gut constraints, I'll be in pressed jeans and a black long sleeve t-shirt (waiting to exhale)

Biggy said...

Jennifer, duh, why do you think I was smiling so much? And 5 seconds after T got that shirt I had already triple dog dared her to wear it at the reading. Alas, it ain't happening.

Kathy said...

I'm just happy there aren't any pictures of my family members. We do love the fair food... Note to self --- a big white t-shirt does nothing to hide a belly roll.
Good luck tomorrow - wish I could be there.

Collin said...

Oh, I dare you...I double dare you... to wear that t-shirt to the Tech reading tomorrow. lol

mamoo said...

tania, tania, tania. perhaps sarah is a bad influence on you.
you would have never in a million years done that on your own.

A said...

I hope you know that Debbie Millman added you and Mary to her links. But maybe you don't because you aren't a devoted follwer like myself. Either way, congrats, and I really love the shirts. You look about 20 years old (so do you Minus, duh.)

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