Nothing Says I Love You Like a Message From Your Mama

Message from Mamoo on my voicemail this afternoon:

Tania, I know you're in Valdosta. There's this fru-fru little restaurant downtown I went to last year...I think it's a woman's name [LuLu's]...real fancy place. I walked in there with a blue Solo cup and the hostess or owner or whoever she was couldn't stand it. She was really upset about that cup--couldn't stop staring at it all through our meal. So I was wondering if you could go eat lunch there, or have tea or whatever, but just take a blue Solo cup in with you.


minus five said...

tania's mom: you should be the spokesmodel for solo.

tania: why didn't you give creative credit to mary for the design work she did for that conference? i think the sunset is a nice touch.

and p.s. isn't it past your bedtime?

Tania Rochelle said...

You're right, MF!!! About all of it!

And thanks again, Mary. Great job.


Well...I must say, that was some of my best work...I was just happy to be able to incorporate my signature color pallete in that ground-breaking layout.

Collin said...

I think you take in the solo cup and a bag from somewhere else...like Krystal. Really piss 'em off.

mamoo said...

she came to our table no less than 4 times asking if she could take the blue solo cup from me.

Anne-Davnes said...

this is a stupid question, but WHAT is a solo cup???

minus five said...

anne: since tania has ditched her blog in favor of the poetry crowd, allow me to answer your question. they are those plastic cups you can get at the grocery store or walgreen's. they are usually bright red or bright blue. the inside is white and the outside is one of those colors. they're good to have at your house when you have people over and don't want to wash dishes. they are also popular items at keg parties.

Anne-Davnes said...

Ahhh, I see.

Next time write the name of the restaurant on the cup in really purty writing.

minus five said...

that would be a funny thing to do, actually. i don't make a practice of taking food or drinks into restaurants, but i may have to change that so that i can take you up on your suggestion.

minus five said...

nothing says i love you like a new post. dang. freakin' get with it.

everythings jake said...

Well, here's the sad story about Lulu's.

She been in that town for 10 years, making blackened grouper for the locals and chicken with salsa for the tourists and then she's gone.

The town rolled up its sidewalks and showed her the door.

Said she was not what the doctor ordered.

She's shelling crayfish down on the gulf.

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