Dullest. Post. Ever.

Because misery loves company, I had the brilliant idea to take Stella with me to Lo's softball game last night. She's the only person who hates the cold as much as I do. See the blanket on the left? Every woman in attendance pulled something off her bed to wrap up in. I opted to be more fashionable, wearing Sadie's old coat from eighth grade.

The other team's third-base coach--right in front of me--was wearing Momjeans, so I had a case of sporadic giggle-fit. Between that and Stella's nervous stomach, I had a hard time convincing Biggy to sit with me. I needed him to block the wind.


minus five said...

poor stella.
can i have her?

i can't believe you didn't get a shot of that coach in her fancy pants. i don't want to hear anything else about me missing photographic opportunities of midgets.

Collin said...

I just realized T.Ro hasn't mentioned Jack in awhile. Did he run away or have you finally just locked up in the basement and only let him out for work?

mamoo said...

sarah, who said the third base coach was a woman??

Tania Rochelle said...

Momjeans are for women only.

Men have their own version.

MF, care to name and describe?

Tania Rochelle said...

As for JackMan, he's been kidnapped by the Walton drumline and we haven't bothered to rescue him. I sneak him sandwiches every once in a while, though, because deep down I really love him.

Biggy said...

Stella's not cold. She's worn out from shitting TWICE on the concession stand sidewalk when I took her with me to get hot chocolate. Mamoo, I'll trade you for any one of your six dogs. Even Madonna.

mamoo said...

geg, i'll have you know we only have 4 dogs. and you know madonna certainly doesn't like you.

i hope the kids don't get diarrhea cause you might try to get rid of them too.

poor, poor stella

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