How We Spend Our Weekends

As I camp at my laptop (with camera handy), checking blog stats, and Biggy feeds Daisy Oreos from his own mouth, the ceiling fan continues to gather dust and filth and the kitchen ceiling remains unpatched.


minus five said...

mouth-to-mouth oreo eating is more than i get done on the weekends. i thought that's what they were for.

when i was a kid, weekends were for endless chores and manual labor. the same with spring break and holidays.

now that i'm a grownup, i sit around making up for lost time.

M. Ru Pere said...

I can tell he's in his pre-game mode, the ritual, tha zone, the loin-girding time - like maybe he fed her oreos last year before the gators (yuck) won - maybe we could go out for virgin margaritas during the Auburn game? :)

adrynd said...


At least your kitchen is bigger than a closet.

Garey Simpson said...

Groos Greg! What if Daisy missed the oreo and licked your upper lip, you'd be smelling shit all night. On top of that, your wife wouldn't kiss you good night. The horror. If you're gonna feed her from your mouth, you might as well go ahead and chew it up... Birdie Style.

Garey Simpson said...


Biggy said...

Daisy and I have our technique down perfect, thank you very much.

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