Lo's Last Game

This time, Georgia came to the game. She hates the cold, too, but not as much as Stella and I do. I mean, she's actually looking into schools up north. I'd choose Valdosta State over Vassar to avoid the snow. In any case, George was much more useful for keeping warm than the dog or the husband. She's bigger than a Chihuahua, and she doesn't feel the need to stand by the fence to shoot brain waves at Lola so she'll hit the ball.

Those blanket-clad ladies kept looking back and staring at us, until finally they took turns exclaiming over my daughter's beauty (which I failed to capture in this photo): "Yes, we're talking about you...you are so gorgeous...great skin...hair...piercing blue eyes...yada-yada-yada..." and Georgia was blushing but really eating it up. Then one of the women says, "I'll bet your mom was a looker, too--when she was your age."


What are people thinking?

(Oh, by the way, Lola's team won, and she got the game ball.)


M. Ru Pere said...

I saw huge lizards at Valdosta State last month, just kinda sunning themselves between classes it looked like - which might make Vassar look a little better

Kathy said...

Ok - how old were the blanket clad women? And did you tell them that you are still a looker (even though maybe not looking your best at the game since you were freezing)?

Tania Rochelle said...

M. Ru.--I actually like lizards.

Kathy--That's pretty much the way I look all the time.

Kathy said...

Which is still a looker...
Reminds me of the time my sister Kelly and I went to bathing suit store in Buckhead (I have no idea why -- must have been before we could order online) and the clerk said "Ladies, the more conservative suits are over here".

Tania Rochelle said...

Kathy, I still can't believe you didn't deck that biotch.

minus five said...

t: i would have kicked them off of their blankets and strangled them by their quilts if i were you. its not like you look like trailer trash. i mean, at least you don't have a bowl cut that is permanently stuck in place with a can of aerosol like the lady on the left, and at least you don't have a neopolitan hat like the girl in the middle that would make you look like one of those brach's candies, and at least you don't have gradient blonde hair like count dracula on the right. i kind of wish i was there so that i could have verbalized those comments... and where do i begin with those quilts... you know they bought them off a rack at a craft store. they were probably packaged in clear plastic bags, right next to the ceramic ducks and the wooden "welcome" signs.

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