We Pause For This Brief Commercial Break

Knowing how much I love The Be Good Tanyas, and being the thoughtful, generous galpal she is, MF sent me their new Hello Love cd. Jogging to it this morning, happy in the falling leaves, I couldn't decide which is better--this one or Chinatown. Luckily, I don't really have to choose, since I have all of them now, including Blue Horse, not as good as the other two. But still.

Perfect music for autumn, boys and girls--just the right blend of melancholy and joy.


minus five said...

i personally think this is the best album of their's. even though i haven't ever listened to that blue horse one. i just took your word for it that it wasn't worth listening to. they're pretty much one of my favorite new bands now. and i'm pretty sure they use a banjo. i like most anyone who uses a banjo.

things i don't like:

1. the word "gal"
2. the word "pal"
3. the combination of those words, resulting in "galpal"

but i did like that you said i was thoughtful and generous. you've still got a ways to catch up to debbie millman, but you're getting there. i'm giving you an E for effort.

Tania Rochelle said...

Well, you also ROCK, MF--like a MOIST, SUCCULENT BREAST of chicken.

minus five said...



gross, Tania....but you are right about that CD rocking..it's very good...I want a copy.

minus five said...

mary: are you retarded? that's one of the music links i sent you this past weekend.

Biggy said...

I had no idea Sadie was in this band.

okaydave said...

the littlest birds sing the prettiest songs.


No, I am not retarded, but I could NOT open those files you sent...geeez

minus five said...

mary: then you're retarded because tania could and two other people could as well. i'm sure there's a remedial stuffit course you could take.

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