The New Lucy & Ethel

Lo and her best bud K entertaining themselves with Granny's wheelchair.


Biggy said...


Garey Simpson said...

I wonder how long it took K to earn the spot in the seat... And when she did, how far did Lola push her?

Biggy said...

damn Garey, that was good. You know Lola well. And hey go to the link for Mary C. It's architorture related.

minus five said...

i feel cheated.

how come i wasn't told that your granny had a wheelchair? i totally would have raced her. i love wheelchairs. i perfected my wheeling skills while doing hospital visitation, so i'm pretty much a pro.

i bet lola made her friend fall out of the chair just so she could get back in.

wheelchairs aren't for kids.

MAMOO said...

garey and sarah,
lola got a whole street and back and K got only half the street.

and they got in a fight over a pair of jeans. both said the jeans belonged to her. i told K to ask her mom if they were her jeans. K came out on the porch and said her mother said they were hers. (she lied, she lied, she lied.) her mother came out and when asked, said they must be lola's as K didn't have any like that. it was apparent the two had spent way too much time together this weekend.

it wasn't as much about the jeans as it was who was right. Lola gloated.

Tania Rochelle said...

I can't believe K lied! She's always a perfect angel at our house.

Lola must have driven her to it.

minus five said...

give the girl a break. i mean, she doesn't even get equal time in the wheelchair and i'm sure lola beats her up on a regular basis... the least she could get out of the deal is a new pair of jeans. even if she has to lie for them.


Hey Tania,
What is "K's" full name?
....just curious


oh and they are freaking ADORABLE!!!!!

minus five said...

mary: she can't put that kid's full name on her blog because she's not her mother. haven't you noticed a pattern? she does this every time she mentions another kid. i'll email you with her name.

Tania Rochelle said...

Oh, Mary is well aware of K's full name.

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