Running With Scissors

Joseph Cross, Jill Clayburgh as Augusten and Agnes

Ah, how nice not to be disappointed in a book-to-film translation. The last time I saw a movie that almost lived up to the book was Bastard Out of Carolina, based on the Dorothy Allison novel. All the most remarkable things about Burroughs's memoir were manifested in the movie. I'm not talking about the sensational aspects of the story, either, which are plenty and plenty sensational. I mean how Burroughs wrote his story in such a way that I could love every character even as he/she was doing deranged or despicable things. It would have been so much easier--and probably more POPular--to make things and people in the movie black and white. Great casting and performances brought the book's characters seamlessly from page to screen. Read the book. See the movie. Buy the soundtrack.


minus five said...

did the doctor examine all of their shit like he did in the book?

i liked that part.

i'd like to see it on screen.

tomorrow's post better be the most excellent piece of writing this world has ever laid eyes on. you've got a great deal of making up to do.

Biggy said...

yeah Minus, the sad thing is she's had a ton of material to choose from over the past couple of days: My deep sea fishing expedition, our weekend of bonding with Georgia, Jack's first high school marching band competition, Lola's new hobby, etc..

Perhaps it's time to make good on my threat of stating my own blog.

minus five said...

biggy: you could try it, but i don't think you realize what hard work this is. its a full-time job that requires full-time commitment.

also, it wouldn't hurt if you began by making threats to "start" your own blog, rather than "state" your own blog.

see, its all in the details.

mamoo said...

you so funny minus five

k said...

thank goodness. I adored this book and was nervous about the movie. thanks for spreading the good word.

amy rush said...

I saw the movie at a free preview performance. Augusten Burroughs was there and answered questions after. I was kicking myself for not having read the book - I have a long list, waiting until after graduation. Blah.

Anyway, I honestly wouldn't have believed that this was his life, had he not been 15 feet away from me and claimed it. It's an incredible story. Poor guy. I think I'll read some of his other books - beginning in February.

Howard said...

That's so good to hear 'cause I loved the book and hoepd they wouldn't screw it up. I'm totally going this weekend.

minus five said...

i just saw this movie last night and loved it. i was worried it would be ruined because i couldn't imagine how that book could have translated to the big screen. somehow, it was done. the colors were incredible. the way things switched suddenly and made you uncomfortable were in the film just like they were in the book. i hope the same people responsible for this film will also be involved in a film version of "dry."

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