What Minus-Five Accomplished at Work Today

She eliminated all lines and blemishes! What a pal.


Ana said...

She gave your kid a lazy eye.

Alena said...

That's weird. Lines are good.

Biggy said...

BWAHAHAHA! The lazy eye is awesome!!! A+++ for Minus.

Tania Rochelle said...

Hellooooo, Biggy. She made it hereditary.

minus five said...

note to readers: what started out as an innocent joke, has now turned into a new complex for tania. she's starting to worry that people think she looks like she has a lazy eye in real life.

i gave them both lazy eyes. tania's just isn't as severe.

this wasn't all i accomplished at work. i also talked on the phone.


wow....that is two creepy photoshopped tania photos this week...you must have a very demanding workload, M5.

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