Why Thankya. Thankya Very Much

Email from PC grad:

Hey Tania!

I thought of you the other night while carving my pumpkin this year. Gourds
and knives, there's nothing like it.

Thought you'd like a pic of it.


The important things I teach them--they never forget.


minus five said...

dave, you're such a kiss ass. but you do have some pretty sweet pumpkin carving skills that more than make up for your brown nose.

minus five said...

i'd like to point out that 3 of your last 4 posts have been handouts. you can't ride on my coattails forever, tania.

last time you posted was friday and i know you haven't had anything better to do than update your blog... i mean, you're a mother of four and you live in marietta.

minus five said...

oh look, now its monday and still, no new post. are you trying to be like mary? or even worse, are you trying to be like audrey?

Alena said...

Seriously, T. I'm bored.

minus five said...

this is pretty much the most boring blog on the face of the earth.

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