Two Losers Talking

So yesterday we were in the car, where all our deep conversations take place, and Lo starts in on me the way she has every minute of every hour of every day since Sunday when we stopped by Ken Stanton music store to buy Jack new drum sticks, "Mom, are we going to get my guitar today? Mom. Mom. Can we get it today?"

(I give Biggy a pleading look.)

Biggy: I can't believe you promised her that to begin with. What were you thinking?

TR: I was THINKING she was looking at violins, which START at $500, and that they had children's guitars on sale for $50. I was also thinking she and I could learn to play the guitar together, because I saw this beautiful pink acoustic guitar on sale too.

Biggy: Why don't the two of you learn to play the mandolin, since you already have one of those in the top of your closet. Or you could both learn to sew on the sewing machine that's still up there in the box after three years.

TR: That's not fair. You start things all the time and don't finish them.

Biggy: Name one thing.

TR: Two tables you built the frames for, sitting in the floor of the garage, a bench you never got around to painting, and--oh my god--Lo's playhouse!

Biggy: I'll give you the playhouse, but I'm going to finish it.

TR: And I'm going to learn to play the guitar.

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