Best. Concert. Ever.

Yes, Biggy and I saw Ray Lamontagne at the Tabernacle last night, so I've been scouring Youtube to find a video that might capture the magic of the show. The song featured here is not one he played in Atlanta. It's not on 'Till the Sun Turns Black' or 'Trouble.' But I love this segment because he's explaining a little about his process--in his shy way that keeps him from interacting much with the audience as far as chitchat. Yesterday, he didn't speak at all until the concert was about half over, when he broke a guitar string. Then he had to talk for a few minutes while someone fixed it. He was sweet and funny, but you could tell it was excruciating for him.

My god, what a Herculean voice that comes out of this unassuming guy.


Biggy said...

While this video is good, it doesn't really do the man justice. For those of you not familiar with him, go to youtube and search for him singing "Trouble" or "Jolene". Or better yet, go to pollstar.com and see when he's coming to your town and run, dont' walk, and get yourself some tickets. For you NYC readers, he's playing The Beacon Theatre this Saturday. Scalp if you have to. You will not be disappointed.

Collin said...

Strangely, I first heard Ray in the UK because he's very popular there. "Trouble" was a big hit.


thanks for telling us about this earlier, Tania.

you are the best.



Ana said...

I went to his concert here in Indy a few weeks ago and I was speechless. I was surprised to see that a lot of seats were empty, but then again, this is freaking Indianapolis. If you like Ray Lamontagne, you might want to check out Patty Griffin on youtube. She's a great lyricist.

Collin said...

Patty Griffin is brilliant. I actually like her more than Ray.

Kathy said...

I think he was just in Denver. We won't miss him the next time. He was on NPR a few months ago and it was pretty clear that he'd rather be singing than giving an interview. I love that clip - especially since he talks about Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clarke. I just called Randy to give him heads up that I was going to order tickets to show in February - Guy Clark, John Hiatt, Joe Ely and Lyle Lovett. Happy to hear that Santa was already aware that I would love tickets to this show for Christmas.

Trisha said...

So my girlfriend and I turned a few Louisiana folks onto your blog. Evidently one of them tried -- in a very hospitable southern way -- to return the favor by telling us of the talents of Ray LaMontagne. I have no recollection of the conversation. But the email she sent to us this morning cracked me up. Because it's funny and because she'll kill me for posting it, enjoy.

"I guess now that the Worst. Mother. Ever. has talked about Ray Lamontagne you guys will actually listen, huh?

Yeah, I bet you will. You won’t trust good ol’ Lou but this stranger from Jawja will send you running to itunes. Oh well, at least you will hear some good music."

minus five said...

yeah, well i'm going to see him on saturday so i'll let you know how his ny performance goes. and thanks biggy for the ray tour information, but i already knew about it. i'm the glue that holds this city together.


um, Tania...it's Tuesday....how else am I going to procrastinate doing my 3rd deliverable for retail branding if you don't post soon.

minus five said...

you could start by posting a new entry yourself, mary. and anyway, tania will probably just post more pictures of her dogs or kids in staged performances.

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