In The Car With Lo

Last night, coming home from guitar lessons:

Lo: Mom, I can go two hours without talking.

TR: Really?!

Lo: I'm not gonna do it tonight, though.


MAMOO said...

I'll pay her to teach granny how not to talk for two hours.

Jennifer said...

Hey, T,
Thanks for putting "The Death of Marilyn Monroe" on the blog! It's one of my favorite poems ever!!!!!

Anonymous said...

a more beneficial response from you might have been:

that's nothing! 2 hours?!! are you kidding me? anyone can do that. if you wanted to impress me, you should have said 5 because nobody, and i mean nobody, could not talk for 5 hours!

and that, tania, is what i like to call creative parenting.

Anonymous said...

I wish I's thought of it.

Anonymous said...

or I'd.

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