By The Way, I've Gotta Bone to Pick With Santa.

What I asked for:

What I got:


Biggy said...

The purse is smarter, doesn't shit on the floor, can be taken easily on vacation, won't bite the neighbors, and doesn't have breath that smells like death. Obviously Santa got you the better present.

Jennifer said...

You got jacked, T!

Tania Rochelle said...


amy rush said...

That's not OK in so many ways.

I think I'd throw up all over a person who carried a bag like that. Freakish.

Anonymous said...

Oh Amy, Amy, Amy...Sad thing is, I LOVE the bag. Now I have to consider whether it's worth the risk to carry it to school. If you see me with it, please don't puke on me. Or my lovely pug purse.

If I had a REAL puppy, see, I'd carry it around IN my new pocket book.

And Santa, you know you're gonna get me a puppy.

mamoo said...

if you had a REAL husband you would have a REAL puppy.

ktothefe said...

It seems someone finally found an appropriate use for the pug dog! That bag is awesome!

Anonymous said...

t: i'm with jennifer on this one. you definitely got jacked. that bag is the ugliest thing i've ever seen in my life. i can't think of anyone who might be able to pull it off successfully. i've been trying to picture you carrying it in my head and i can't get it to work out. you can pull off a lot of things that most people can't, but i don't know about this one. i really wouldn't want to be seen in public with you and that purse. what kind of dog is that in the very top picture? because i like him. i think you should exchange your purse for that dog. i can't believe biggy, i mean santa, didn't get you a little dog. something as simple as that could have meant serious bonus points in his corner.

mamoo: ouch. and freakin' hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether to call PETA or Paris Hilton about that bag.

amy rush said...

I can't promise you anything. Just be sure to put it away if you see me — or my REAL dog — coming. It's a good thing I'll graduate in a couple weeks, God willing.

A real dog in a normal bag is fine. Cute, even. A fake dog disguised as a bag is downright scary.

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