Friday Nostalgia

Remember that genius late 80's invention, The Flowbee? I recall many a night sitting up with an infant (3 in 5 years), watching those infomercials. Entertained and enlightened by that one, Victoria Jackson's cosmetics, and Susan Powter's Stop the Insanity, I nursed those bottomless pits into the wee hours.

Here's what reminded me of the Flowbee. Sadie's brave boyfriend Justin let Lo buzz his hair Wednesday. Probably the most fun the child has ever had:


minus five said...

the suck cut.

made more famous by its appearance in the wayne's world movie.

it sucks.
and it cuts.


I have a friend who uses a flowbee with, surprisingly, good results...I say, don't knock it till ya try it.

Alena said...

I went to a "Flowbee Party" a few years back, with a bunch of hair dressers. Guess what we did?

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