Where are all the F'in Spoons?!!!

Every few days, it's the same question from Biggy. It's as expected as Gaga's Brussels sprouts steaming on the stove--routine yet filling the house with a certain fleeting unpleasantness.

I never don't know the answer to the question. Indeed, I know where all the flatware travels. I also know that I'm not the one responsible for it. I mean, any more than I'm responsible for Lo's bad manners or Jack's grade in math. That's to say I put my own dishes in the dishwasher, never take them in the car without returning them, never leave them in my desk drawer at work.

Unfortunately, Georgia had her car out of town, and I had no access to Biggy's place of employment. But here's a small sampling of where the fucking spoons (and forks) are:

In the basement, under Jack's side of the couch.

In the basement, Georgia's side of the couch. (Does she salt her yogurt?)

Under Lo's bed. (Look, she must have flossed after eating the cheese dipper.)

Under Biggy's side of the bed. (Note the 25 lb. dumbbell; we don't call him Biggy for nothing.)


Collin said...

Ummm...did you clean any of that up after you took the pictures?

M. Ru Pere said...

nevermind the spoons - your poem looked great in today's ajc, T . . . plus you gotta love the poet laureate of the USA praising one of your similes to millions of people - btw, what ever happened to that elderly couple - are they still around?

Tania Rochelle said...

Collin: Let 'em pick up their own spoons, I say.

M Ru: Thanks! Lane (their real names, by the way) died not long after the day that inspired the poem . Anna Bell was lost without him and had to go live with her son.


what poem was in the AJC? is there a link to it online?

minus five said...

mary: are you retarded?

how could you have missed the part about how one of tania's poems was picked by that really high up poetry guy and it was going in his weekly column in all these papers across our great nation?

dang, pull your head out and get with it.

JackMan said...

you're a liar. i don't have my own side of the couch.


jesusfrigginchrist...I knew about that....thought this was a different event.

forfuckssake...give me a break!!!!

mamoo said...

i find all my forks and spoons (and glasses) beside granny's chair. seems she can always remember to eat but forgets to put her stuff up.

Anonymous said...

I've had the same issue with spoons in my car.

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