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It's hard for me to think of five things I haven't mentioned before, so forgive me if I repeat myself:

1. When I was a kid, dreaming of my first pogo stick, I thought you could ride them everywhere--like a scooter.

2. The summer after fifth grade, I went to Camp Safety Patrol in Cordele, where I won the Bicycle Rodeo. When I received my award, I was wearing my favorite black and white checked smock top.

3. I was fifteen years old, standing in the band room at school, when I learned Elvis died.

4. I really do LOVE Tuna Helper.

5. Biggy and I met 11 years ago this February at the Star Bar. I was wearing my friend Kathy's black babydoll dress made of that thermal underwear material, with black tights and maryjane platforms, and a big pewter Mark Edge cross necklace that my friend Tracy had given me for Christmas. I lost the cross that night.


Anonymous said...

t: these are all new things. except for the tuna helper. sick.

what is camp safety patrol and what do you do there?

ga said...

Oh my gosh! I was on safety patrol too! But I didn't get to attend a cool camp. :-(

Like mother, like daughter!

Jennifer said...

T, I remember when Elvis died too. I stopped at the 7-11 near my house to buy a pack of cigarettes and the lady who worked there, Mrs. Farris, was sobbing hysterically. Mrs. Farris LOVED Elvis, had a King of Rock & Roll vanity plate on her car and a big Priscilla beehive on top of her head. That was back when I still smoked cigarettes.

Biggy said...

Because I'm so much younger than most readers here, I only remember when John Lennon died because my sister became hysterical and I was thinking how stupid she was being.

Anonymous said...

i was serious about the safety patrol question. we didn't have shit like that in texas.

Anonymous said...

tuna helper is awesome, but rice a roni is the best.

Tania Rochelle said...

MF: Googling calluses on my fingers, I could find no evidence or remnants of Camp Safety Patrol on the Internets. I'm starting to worry I dreamed it up. If it was indeed real, however, every activity came with lessons on safety--whether swimming, playing softball, or riding our bikes. I ate a lot of Colonel Krispy icecream bars and got mad when my friends said DeeDee Collins was a little thinner than me.

Also, there was a talent contest, and Pam Crawford and I sang Eidelweiss. She'd have won if she'd gone solo.

Jennifer: You were smoking when you were 10?

Anonymous said...

t: thanks for the explanation. i don't know if i would have liked camp safety patrol. the only kind of camp we ever went to was church camp. i liked church camp. and i've never heard of colonel krispy ice cream bars either. but i would probably like them because i tend to like all ice cream bars.

we need to add "deedee" to our list of trailer names. along with "pam." pam might already be there, but just in case. why do we know so many people named deedee? i can think of three off the top of my head. one of them being a backwoods cousin. but her's is spelled, "d.d." her real name is darity danielle. don't ask.

does it surprise you that jennifer was a 10-year old smoker?

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