History Repeats Itself

During Lo's b-day party on Saturday, I kept thinking how excessive it was. The moon jump was too large; there were too many kids, too many gifts. Too much much. I thought it would be funny to get out the old pictures of Jack's moon jump party from about 7 years ago to compare. I was pretty surprised to see there wasn't that much difference:




Biggy said...

I would say there has been some advancement in moonwalk design and construction.

Jennifer said...

Jack had a party too? Wow! I thought all he did was suck hind teat. His moonwalk was really cool!

Anonymous said...

how much did you pay for those pictures of "jack's party?" i don't think it's an accident that "jack" has his head down so that we can't see his face.

like you would ever celebrate anything to do with jack. especially the day he was born. anyone who knows you will say that you spend the majority of your time cursing the day he was ever born to you.

poor jack.

if you were my kid, i really would have thrown you a party.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh...now I understand why its okay for Lola to stick her hand in the butter.

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