Dark Shadows DVD Collection

Did I mention what Mamoo gave me for my birthday? I know--I've written about it before, but now I'm just trying to make you jealous.


Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

Hon, I'd be pea-green, but I've been fully immersed in a Hawaii 5-0 personal film festival on my DVD player. (Gawd, Jack Lord as Steve McGarrett never fails to get me just crazy hot, hot, hot.)

Still, it's just rental disks, so yeah, I'm like totally jealous. My mother gave me a card, with a cross-embedded bookmarker thingee for my birthday last year. Oh wow.

Anonymous said...

Oh, jeez. I watched all of the first season again a few years back. Watch the mole on the face of the woman who tells fortunes. Can't recall her name, but the mole moves around on her face from episode to episode. Very cool! If you REALLY wanna make me jealous, tell me you have a creeping mole.

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