Today's Youth!

A couple of weeks ago, I went through another round of 'What's-The-World-Coming-To?' This time it was on the grad List-Serve for the MFA program I attended--an epic thread of no-one-reads-anymore-kids-don't-appreciate-anything-it's-all-about-money good-old-days-ness that any reader here knows I detest. I love hearing about how great things USED to be. Segregation, anyone? Women as property? Throwing Christians to the lions? How about a good, old-fashioned witch hunt?

So I was delighted to see, on my friend (and fabulous poet) John Guzlowski's blog, a video made by students at a high school he spoke at recently, which further reinforces my argument that the young people today are creative, communicative, and working toward a better future. At least as much as they (or we) ever were.

The young producer/director, Joey Slater, asked John to be in the film. John's the one who's a little older.

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