When Lo first heard she was supposed to wear "a very nice outfit" and bring a doll to school today in celebration of Japanese Girl's Day, she told her teacher, Ms. C, that she didn't have a doll--to which Ms. C responded, with her 'serious face,' "Well, that's just sad. A little girl without a doll."

Oh, really, Ms. C? How 'bout a little girl with every piece of technology known to man? A little girl with a guitar, a ukelele, a keyboard, a drum set, a harmonica, and a kazoo? How about a girl with two suits of camouflage and a genuine army bag, filled with a compass, a flashlight, a first aid kit, and an honest-to-god pocket knife? A girl with three bikes, two scooters, a skateboard, and in-lines? How 'bout a little girl with her very own petting zoo? A girl who plays Chess AND softball, who travels to see the Gators play, who's gone whitewater rafting and ridden EVERY ride at Disney World?

How about THAT?

So here's the doll we bought her:


mamoo said...


ButtonHole said...

Sounds like Ms C needs to join the 21st century!!! (I had dolls but I usually played like they were in a disaster....flood, war, tornado...and I was saving them from sure death.....so non-girly doll play CAN be done). Maybe Ms C needs to go in for another "rest."

Really, that would have burned my as....I mean head....as well!

Cute Patch, tho!

ga said...

Why couldn't she just bring Rackie?

Tania Rochelle said...

They were told no stuffed animals.

ButtonHole said...

jIs this a PUBLIC school?

mamoo said...

buttonhole, yes, this is a public school but not just any public school. it's an EAST COBB (or should i say, EAST SNOB) school. too bad every child can't fit their mold.

ButtonHole said...

Ooooh, kay. I gotcha. Nuff said!!

They just seem so demanding, like a private school. Heavens, those places have you ponying up cash for Special Days and donating for this and that cause, and this or that trip. It was mind-boggling, really, if 24 hours passed without some money being laid out for something for school.

But the WORST school for Fitting Molds is Oconee County, in my humble.

Collin said...

I would have given Lo a day off from school rather than participate in this bullshit. What's Japanese Girl's Day? Are they going to have Eskimo Girl's Day, German Girl's Day? I can't believe that's happening at a public school.

ads. said...

With all that other loot, who cares about dolls?

...T, would you adopt me?

Anonymous said...

I just looked up Japanese girl's day. You were supposed to have bought Lo a very fancy doll dressed in traditional Japanese costume when she was born. Oh well, I hope they at least got to eat rice cakes.
I can hardly wait to hear about the festivities for Japanese boy's day on May 5th. Or will it be superseded by a Cinquo de Mayo fiesta?
Mary G

Tania Rochelle said...

They celebrated Boy's Day yesterday as well. While the girls were making dolls, Lo was looking over longingly as the boys made carp kites.

Regardless, it was all part of the conspiracy to set me up as the Worst. Mother. Ever.

Lola said...

I hated that doll.It was ugly.

Mary Campbell said...

Did Lola do that to the doll's hair or did it come like that?

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