Let Me Have My Delusions!

It is a dreary Wuthering Heights kind of day around here. Here's a sample of the conversations going on in this house:

This morning, when Biggy and Lo were leaving to get her softball pictures made:

Biggy: Sure you don't want to come with us? You know, the mothers usually go.

TR: Those other mothers aren't famous writers who need to post a blog.

Biggy: Yeah, they probably keep the house clean too.


While play-fighting and proving to my husband that I can always reach his junk:

Biggy: Go ahead. There's not a judge in the world who'd convict me...(jabbing at my face, jabbing at my head)

TR: You go ahead. I'd never have to work again.

Biggy: Like they'd ever find your body. I watch the crime shows.

TR: Do you have any idea what kind of hell your life would be with me haunting you? I've watched The Ring and Blair Witch.

E! can testify to the number of times he asks every day:

Biggy: Do you know where my glasses are?

TR: OH MY GOD! I'm so sick of that question! Why don't you just tie them on a string around your neck like all the other old men do?!

Biggy: I bet my second wife will be nicer to me.


ads. said...

aaah, young love...

E! said...

Hey! You need to keep me out of it, unless you want me to take an unbiased stance on all issues!

Roy Hinshaw said...

Well, I'm on the fence.
I always wear my sunglasses on a leash because they are expensive to replace.
BUT, wearing reading glasses on a leash catapults the wearer into an age bracket that we .. ahem one, might not be comfortable with.
Full disclosure: My second wife is nicer........!
(TR: aren't you glad I found your blog?)

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