Dear Tania

In honor of Blog 365's theme for April, which is Letters, and in service to one of my lifelong dreams, I'd like to devote the next 30 days to creating an advice column of my own: The Hard Truth. If you'd like your letter answered here--anonymously--please write me at Tania@taniarochelle.com. I'll answer at least one a day, and readers may add to or dispute my answers in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Dear Tania,

My wife of almost 9 years has become obsessed with blogging, even subjecting my 8yr old daughter to starting her own blog in order to fill her own selfish needs (my wife, not my precious daughter). While I initially encouraged this creative outlet, over time, it has come to really effect our marriage. I'm beginning to feel like the third wheel in the relationship she has with her laptop. Gone are the romantic evening walks and the Sunday morning talks. Now I find myself spending time alone at the gym or laying in bed with my sodoku books while she lays next to me with her laptop, soflty laughing at some new post she thinks is funny. And it's really the kids who suffer the most- The dinners thrown together or unfrozen haphazardly, the lack of toilet paper, the wrinkled clothes. I've suggested therapy, even offering to attend with her, but she refuses to acknowledge her problem(s). While I love my wife dearly, I just don't know how much longer I can live like this.


Sad in the Suburbs

Tania Rochelle said...

Dear Biggy,

It's 'affect' not 'effect' and 'lying' not 'laying' and 'lies' not 'lays.'

Anonymous said...

ya'll havn't had wrinkle free clothes, toilet paper or even LIGHT BULBS in years so don't blame this on blogging, mr. a non y mous!

Tania Rochelle said...

Not to mention romantic walks or Sunday talks!

Lisa said...

I was so caught up in the pitiable story that I didn't even NOTICE that misspelling or the lie/lay verb infraction! wow. slippin.

Lisa said...

LISA??? Why did it ID me as "Lisa"??? I sign in the way I always do! What on earth.

Let's see what happens this time.

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