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Biggy had to go to Boca Raton for a bizness meeting this morning. Being that he's busting a gut to rack up the Father of the Year points, he left after Lo's softball practice last night and was scheduled to depart for home a little after 1 this afternoon. In other words, the plan was that his daughter wouldn't go a single minute past the usual not-seeing her dad. But, alas, here's the most recent in a string of messages from my husband:

From: gcxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Lola
Date: March 4, 2008 3:24:39 PM EST
To: tania@portfoliocenter.com

Now we're not departing until 4:30. In case you lost track, that's 3 hours past the original departure time. So assuming I get home at 7:30 that will be 24 hours spent travelling for a 6 minute meeting which equates to 4hours of travel per minute of meeting. Awesome. Oh, and my plane is full of ugly people.
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ktothefe said...

I pretty much peed myself when I read the part about the ugly people on the plane. Hilarious.

Howard said...

I can't remember the last time I was on a plane that wasn't full of ugly people.

Tania Rochelle said...

It's the curse of the beautiful, Howard--to be surrounded by those who are relatively unattractive.

ButtonHole said...

Hey, you heard about the two gals who were "too pretty to fly," didn't you? Too bad Biggy wasn't on THAT flight.


Collin said...

Six minutes? Has no one ever heard of teleconferencing? They air those Cisco ads non-stop. Get with the 21st century.

biggy said...

I would agree, but unfortunately Collin, I was meeting with a government agency who doesn't really care how insane it was to have to travel for such a short meeting.

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