Spring Break

Georgia came home Friday, a couple of days early from her Spring Break trip to Florida. She went with her beau Blaise and some of his fraternity brothers, some of whom brought SO's and some of whom were single-free-n-easy. I knew what was in store for my daughter, and I think she knew as well, but the reality is (boys are) ALWAYS so much worse than you imagine.

I enjoyed a half-hour rant about guys puking, peeing themselves, and passing out that began from the time she came through the door until the time we started our jog at the river and our attention turned to dogs and anorexics. 

**It's worth noting that she had nothing ill to say about Blaise, who apparently conducted himself as a gentleman and kept her entertained during the sleep-deprived days. The most important thing to his credit, though, is he got her out of there before her evil twin was forced out of hiding.

That said, here's a small rant-sample:

Georgia: I think I handled the week pretty well, really. 

TR: Did you hurt anyone?

George: No. I came close when I caught some random hoes in the kitchen at 3 a.m. making grilled cheese sandwiches with MY food. You don't mess with my FOOD!

TR: So they were picking up girls and bringing them back to the house?

Georgia: Yeah, sometimes. But more often, they'd bring back strange dudes they met while they were out. One night, some stranger came upstairs to use our bathroom and I told him to get out. So C shouted, "Georgia, you're such a vagina!" and I yelled, " You just picked up ten guys at the bar. You tell me--WHO'S THE VAGINA?!"


Collin said...

A bunch of hot, strange guys at a beach house...sounds like heaven to me. Hold the vomit, please.

ga said...

.....I wouldn't go with "hot" Collin... unless you're into the "so sunburned I look like I'm wearing a wife-beater" look, or the "I'm peeing on the stairs because I'm too drunk/lazy to find the bathroom" look.

Collin said...

Been there, done that, GA.

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