Family Bible

Get thee to a bookstore to buy my friend Melissa Delbridge's new raw and elegant memoir, just out from Sightline Books.

More info at the University of Iowa Press website:

Excerpt from Family Bible:

When my father came back out to the car with a sack under his arm and got situated beside me, I asked him, "Daddy, what do people do in the Jungle Club?"

My mother answered for him in her Liz Taylor-doing-Tennessee Williams voice, moving her lips in an exaggerated manner and speaking through clenched teeth. "Oh, they just sit around drinking and telling lies and slipping their hands up their buddies' wives' skirts. And darling, your daddy's just about the best person in Tuscaloosa County you could ask that particular question."


Jennifer said...

I want this book!!!

ButtonHole said...

Me too! It looks great. And I just got a 40% off coupon from borders in by email. Swwweeet.

Leslie said...

Melissa will be at A Cappella Books on May 22nd - please come and pass on the word. Sorry - more blatant promotion!

Anonymous said...

Yes, please come to the reading and introduce yourself to me! Thanks, Tania (and Leslie)! You really know how to treat a gal swell!


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