Friday Nostalgia

Remember this from the early 90's?


ButtonHole said...

Oh god, I remember that. SOOO repulsive!!!

Collin said...

I've been trying to forget.

Kathy said...

It still gives me the creeps.

Jennifer said...

It was on Ally McWhore, right? Every time I see that baby, my fallopian tubes damn near tie themselves up.

ButtonHole said...

LOL, Jennifer! Good one!

I know you can tie a cherry stem with your tongue, right? But has your Pilates limbered you up enough to tie your own tubes?

(Ok, some folks with like this; some folks will not. Can't please em all)

ButtonHole said...

WILL. WILL like this.

ktothefe said...

wow–I can't believe that's now considered nostalgic!

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