Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

So these are the neighbors I wrote about before, the ones with the boat in the drive, the ones who looked like they were having a garage sale for a year, the ones who pressure wash the concrete AROUND the trash. The ones I called the county on.

They're the very same neighbors who have the breeding bicycles and the hot tub sitting in the yard. For a while, the dad appeared to be building a shed out back, which was actually attached to the house. He'd framed it, and it sat there, unfinished, for months, until he started this new project (weeks ago), and the shed just up and disappeared. We're not sure what he's doing here; he filled in the big picture window that was in the front...removing some peripheral siding...What's going on in there that they'd want no window?

And why do THIS when, obviously, they're in need of a porch to sit on?

Meanwhile, someone bought the house across the street from them--finally!--and has already gutted and rebuilt it, painted, added a deck, and landscaped. Do these people have no shame? They don't even technically qualify as white trash. She's a girl scout leader, room mother, seamstress. He is a consultant who works from home. Could this be a bad case of ADD? Are they hoarders? Can anyone diagnose this?

Here's a view of the back (taken from my car, too far away, in the rain). The pic is dark, but you can see the jacuzzi on the right:



two words: meth lab.

minus five said...

1. don't ask why they took the window away.

2. they don't need a porch. those chairs look just fine on the grass and dirt.

mamoo said...

just think what the inside must look like.

Jennifer said...

Get the Jesus poopers to take a dump in their yard.

Collin said...

Some people are just natural slobs. However, meth lab sounds like a possibility, too.

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