It's a Jungle Out Here

You saw the gargantuan copperhead roadkill, and you've heard about our subsequent snake confrontations. I don't think I've mentioned, however, the other unexpected creatures I've encountered on my daily jogs or drives through this my neighborhood for the past 13 years. One family kept a white duck fenced in their front yard. When I'd run by it, the beast would chase me down the chain link and--I swear--BARK (only it spoke Quack) at me like a dog until I was long out of sight. There's a one-eyed cat that lives down the road, for other instance. And geese--which were surprising at first but have been here so long by now I think they have squatter's rights to the vacant lot on the corner. I've seen a coyote, vultures (truly the devil's own), and balding, tail-less squirrels. I shouldn't be surprised anymore, really, by the strange creatures that appear and disappear in this tiny corner of the world, between Publix and the fire station, but I am.

Jogging this morning before work, I saw these, which look like a cross between dog-duck and devil bird. I mean, what the heck?


Alena said...

That NPR show "This American Life" had a segment about wild turkeys terrorizing a Boston suburb. It was something about soccermoms running the turkeys down in their Volvo SUV's. Maybe you should think about that...

Minus the Volvo.

Tania Rochelle said...

I think I saw that! The one where the turkeys would sit on the roof of a store and wait to pounce on the people coming out?

Or was that about geese?

minus five said...

i hope santa brings you a shotgun for christmas. it looks like you need it.

Collin said...

Those sort of look like turkey buzzards. Remind me never to come visit your house after dark.

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