Home Again

While we were in Dahlonega, Biggy--the same Biggy who drinks the fruity beverages--bought a few trash magazines, including Us, to peruse in the jacuzzi. I was thumbing through Us myself Friday afternoon when I came across a picture of Marc Anthony and JLo. Wow, I thought, he looks just like..., prompting me to ask my husband:

TR: Hey, who does he look like? And it doesn't have to be a human.

Biggy (who never tries very hard): I don't knoooow. Whoooo?

TR: Brody.

Biggy: Yeah, I guess he does.

He should have gotten it, seeing that the dog spent the holiday in the cabin with us, doing that constant little sad squint-wink all day. Later on, during the dinner preparations, I bet Biggy that Mamoo would get it immediately. I took the picture into the kitchen:

TR: Hey, Mamoo,who does he look like? And it doesn't have to be human.

Mamoo (never skipping a beat of her mashed potato whipping): Brody.


Collin said...

The dog is cuter. Ooooh...that was bitchy. Meow!

Tania Rochelle said...

The dog IS cuter. That is one ugly man.

minus five said...

i'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks marc anthony is ugly. way, way ugly.

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