Why I'm Better At Guitar Than Lola

Tonight, while Georgia and I were jogging:

G: I need to talk to you.

T (w/slight whine): What abouuut?

G: You have got to make Lola practice her guitar every day. She's not going to come home from school and get the book out on her own. She wants to dig in the yard with her friends--that's what she'll do all day if you let her. And stop telling her she can't take lessons anymore if she doesn't practice. That's ridiculous. YOU have to make her practice, and keep taking her to her lessons. It's going to take some discipline on your part.

T: Well, it was her decision to take guitar lessons to begin with, so...

G: Exactly! She should always be involved in an activity. She got to choose her activity and now she has to stick with it. That will teach her commitment. I wish I had started something when I was little and stuck with it.

T: Like softball?

G: I started softball when I was 12, and I sucked. I'm talking about 6 or 7. When Lo is 17, and she can play any song she wants, it will make her happy. You should know this stuff, Mom. You've pretty much raised three kids already; look at us.

T: I know. You guys are awesome.

G: We don't like the directions our lives are taking.

T: What?!

G: We have bad habits. Your fault.

T: Yeah, but you're really cool people.

G: Are you going to do something about this?

T: All riiiiight. I wiiiiill.

G: No excuses either.

(I get my allowance tomorrow.)


Biggy said...

Georgia, you did not suck at softball. You were a great pitcher.

And you're right, I had this same conversation with your mom Tuesday night.

minus five said...

why isn't georgia the parent of the household? its really bad when your kids are the boss of you.

and another thing...

good try with the whole "slight whine" thing. there is nothing slight about your whining.

Collin said...

I'm telling you...sitcom gold. Showtime would eat this up. Who would play Tania?


Mary Louise Parker would play Tania....I rather enjoy how your kids manhandle you...

minus five said...

no way, mary. tania is totally julianne moore.


I don't know...MLP is pretty sassy...Julianne Moore is too nice.

Tania Rochelle said...

I was thinking Lucy Lawless.

And I'm pretty nice, Mary.

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