Friday Nostalgia

1988: I was 25, living in an apartment in Decatur. I had a toddler, was pregnant with my second child, and my 23-year-old sister lay dying right up the road, in Emory Hospital. I'd have to beg my husband to come home for an hour so I could visit her.

He didn't love me.

Jeff, playing night and day on VH1, became my fantasy husband.


minus five said...

1988: i was in eighth grade. with no kids. and no husband. but i did like that jeff healey song. i thought he was extra cool because he was blind.

adrynd said...

...and he was in Road House with Patrick Swayze.

Tania Rochelle said...

Not to mention the awesome mullet.

Collin said...

I vaguely recall this song. I was deep into my goth phase then. If it wasn't Siouxsie, Dead Can Dance or Bauhaus, I wasn't interested. Except for maybe Kate and Kylie, but I didn't dare tell anyone. :)

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