A Gift For MF

This morning, I laid out a cute pair of jeans and a "Little Angel" t-shirt for Lo to wear. But, when she came downstairs, I saw she had her own ideas.

Did I actually let her go to school like this?

Yes. Yes, I did.


minus five said...

this just made my entire day. now if i can just quit smoking, lola and i can be best friends forever.


a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e...simply adorable.

Collin said...

I didn't know the homeless Vietnam vet look was in with the tween set these days. I'm so out of touch.

amy rush said...

Was she hunting for turkeys?

Anonymous said...

Ava fell out laughing over the dog-in-the-hat shots. She wouldn't wear such an item though unless if came in pink sequins.

We gotta get these six-year old offspring-of-blogging-moms together for a playdate, sometime before they're off to UGA to pledge Tri Delt. (That'd be Ava.)

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