Further Permutation

A friend of mine is giving MF a run for her money in the photoshopping-skills department.

(If the reference is lost on you, go here and then here.)


minus five said...

a run for who's money? this, in no way, comes close to my skills. i can see the clone marks on your face and they stretched the right side of your face way out. i'm only scratching the surface here. if you think this mediocre shit is so great, then have your "friend" do all of your dirty work for you from here on out.

Biggy said...

That may be the most disturbing thing I've ever seen.

Tania Rochelle said...

MF: You have to have a particular kind of bile to do my dirty work. This friend lacks that special quality.

Biggy: I can see how it might be.


whoa...that is not right.

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