So Howard's recent post cracked me up. The joke's on me any time I see my former students living the good life-- traveling the globe, filming commercials or art directing photo shoots, making more money in one year than I've made in my entire "career."

But to get on with this, Howard shot a video of the posh two-story bungalow w/whirlpool and sauna, where he stayed in LA, so I'm countering that with the sweet MO-tel suite we stayed in while we were in Daytona last spring. The Tropical Manor is--seriously--my idea of living large:

Check in here.

Freebies in the lobby.

Don't ya love the color?

Every couch is a hide-a-bed.

Through the kitchen to the master bedroom.

Adult swim & kiddie pool.

There's also shuffleboard and plenty of mullet-watching for your entertainment.


minus five said...

t: this place is so excellent. i've never seen anything like it in my life. it really makes me want to go there and it even kind of makes me want to live there as the property manager or something. i'm not kidding either. i'm completely serious. if they would let me combine the title and responsiblities of property manager and cashier, i would be there tomorrow. i would also demand that my room be the one with the rose painted by the front door entrance.

Biggy said...

Minus, the pictures don't do it justice. It really is a gem. Not at all stale like today's "branded" hotels. No doubt it will be knocked down to make room for another glorious condo megaplex.

minus five said...

pack me up for a trip down there with you guys. i'll babysit jack and i won't even swim. jack and i will just sit outside in lawn chairs with cameras.

Alena said...

After working on a website for an extremely ritzy hotel that has ammenities like, "marble-trimmed separate toilet closet" and, "touchscreen room-controlling pamper panel," (wtf) this place really does sound like heaven. Seriously.

Howard said...

It should be noted the hotel I'm in now is all the way across the street from the beach. It's easily like a hundred yards or so. One room, one bathroom, no sauna.

And the color scheme is like white and stuff. How boring. I don't even have a "marble-trimmed separate toilet closet" or a "touch-screen pamper panel", Alena! How do they expect me to live like this?

Now, about all that money I'm supposedly making...


nothing beats gulf coast kitsch....nothing.

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