Holiday Mamoo

Lest you wonder how I got so f'ed up...

Above is Mamoo--at work!!--celebrating Halloween. She was supposed to be "Mama" from the show Mama's Family.

And below is her house--six days BEFORE Thanksgiving!!--when I went to pick Lo up last night. These pictures don't even do it justice, as the flash was not cooperating, and I couldn't get everything in the frame anyway. Later, when I take Lo's friend K home, I'll get shots in the daylight--of the seemingly hundreds of inflatable Santas and Snowmen that didn't turn out.

Both Mamoo and my grandmother were into the wine, I might add. Notice my child, in costume, skateboarding in the dark.

Some people drink and dial. Mamoo decorates.

Update--In the light of day:

Bonus--Her neighbor's dogs:


minus five said...

i would have liked to have had a seat hidden in the bushes during the drunken decorating. i can't think of a better way for me to have spent a saturday night.

when they were finished putting everything out, that's when i would have come out of hiding. then i would have sat on the porch with them for the rest of the night, listening to their stories. me with my cigarettes and them with their wine.

your mom and grandma have quickly become two of my more favorite people in the world.

(note: that costume would be more appropriate for the x-rated mama's family show that comes on cinemax.)

Collin said...

Now I'm flashing on "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane." I can picture Mamoo putting up lights singing "I've written a letter to daddy..."


WOW! I still have not-yet-carved pumpkins outside of my apartment. I guess I need to get on it and start hanging some garlands.

Howard said...

Wow. I thought the stores started early.

mamoo said...

and after all my hard work all i get is FOUR comments. besides, it wasn't wine it was GIN.

minus five said...

tania's mom: sundays are slow blogging days and its only monday morning... give the readers time to wake up and have their coffee. i'm sure you'll have more comments by the end of the day. if you don't, there's something seriously wrong with tania's readership.

Anonymous said...

Mamoo you did a wonderful job with your decorations. You and Granny are too cool together. I can only hope that i will have the spunk you and Granny have.

Tania, why aren't you this cool!!!!

Jorgito Menes said...

living in germany is a real culture shock, especially during the holidays. the germans are so hardcore when it comes to christmas. gl├╝wine, sapfelstrudel, kinder-eggs.... it's a real community celebration. i could remember helping decorate the tree with my whole family on thanksgiving day. as i got older that tradition slowly died, replaced with visits to the light display at city park, "Christmas in the Oaks" (later changed to Celebration in the Oaks; you know so it didn't offend the masses). i used to get so excited about the holidays. i can barely stand the thought, dreading the day like a scheduled root canal. i find myself getting more serious everyday. i really hope i have at least 27% of mamoo's spirit when i am her age. i just hope it is not too late.

Tania Rochelle said...


Believe me, Mamoo wasn't always like this. My father sucked all the cheer out of her for over twenty years.
Then there was the loss of my sister.

But one day, she took the joy back for herself, the sense of celebration.

Let's all do that.

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