Happy Holidays!

Since Publix kicked off the season by putting Christmas decorations up on Halloween.


minus five said...

that's a great shot of stella. where's daisy's santa hat? did she get the shaft again?

can i have stella now?

Jennifer said...

I just got bitched at by a monkey for not commenting on Tania's blog in over a month. I'm scared of that monkey's teeth, so I'll try to do a better job. Stella is one hot bitch in that Santa hat.


I like Stella's beauty mark by her mouth...that's pretty sweet.

Jennifer said...

Did I tell you I just got bitched out by a monkey?

Biggy said...


Tania Rochelle said...


Jennifer--Of course you did.

Mary--That's a booger. She always gets them.

Jennifer--I can't hear it enough.

Biggy--Eat me. No, really.

minus five said...

last comment to biggy.


mamoo said...

geg, stella is every bit as beautiful as daisy even without a doorknob on her side.

Biggy said...

mamoo, I know you're getting old, but has your vision really gotten that bad?

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