10 Days 'Til Graduation

Georgia: Can I describe for you what's going to happen at school today?

TR: Do I really have a choice?

George: First period: We're taking a "test" (she uses air quotes each time the punctuation occurs). Only, Ms. J won't call it a "test" because she's not really allowed to give us a "test" this late in the semester. So she's counting it as four "quiz" grades, thanks. Second period: We'll be WATCHING The Importance of Being Earnest, because Ms. M needs to get one more "book" in this year, and we don't have time to actually read it. This is the same teacher who cut out 3/4 of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein because, in her opinion, it has too many details, and then spent that "saved" time talking about her Pekingese. I'd have rather read the entire book twice while someone pulled my hair...Third period: Newspaper. We'll continue the debate over whether to use serial commas. Fourth: We get to listen to an old balding fat man tell us how to exercise. I'm leaving early.

TR: What are you going to do when they say you can't graduate because you have too many absences.

George: I only have like 45.

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Collin said...

The last days of school before graduation are a joke. However, I had to serve a day of dentention before I graduated to make up for coming in late to school nearly every day my senior year. It was a slap on the wrist really, but I was still pissed off about it.

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