Biggy Has Big Plans

to turn this:

into this:

Once her fracture healed, Lo re-joined her team, the Bullpups, who went on to finish the season undefeated, 20-0. My husband has his heart set on a scholarship.


Jennifer said...

You need to give that man a son. Not just poor Jack, but an innocent he can manipulate and corrupt until the child bleeds hideous orange and blue. A boy who will do the Bigman's jockstrap proud.

A said...

WOOOOOOTTTT.. Florida homepage on the poet blogosphere!

Trisha said...

Just a word of caution. When I was growing up my dad, like Biggy, wanted nothing more than for me to play college ball. I worked hard and obtained the coveted scholarship --- to University of Florida, no less. It was the most miserable year of my life. The next year I transferred back home to LSU. My 2 years at LSU were no different. Unfortunately team politics and inappropriate behavior of coaches colored my college ball experience. I was subjected to both "voluntary" (mandatory) bible studies and to the wrath of a coach who lost it from time to time because she had to share our shortstop with our second baseman.

Tania Rochelle said...

C'mon Trisha, don't harsh the dream!

Trisha said...

Oops, I didn't intend to be so Debbie Downer-ish. There are, of course, many positive aspects of team sports.

Go Biggy. Go Lo. Just go with eyes wide-open, that's all.

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