I'd Like to Thank the Members of the Academy

Collin, who is certainly worth arguing with, bestowed upon me a coveted Thinking Blogger Award, for which I’m greatly honored. God knows Collin reads many a'blog and judging by his many a'links I had some stiff competition. Now, I’m to spread the love by choosing five worthy blogs of my own, a duty I take as seriously as blogging itself. You who receive this award are charged with the same task, and you’re asked to proudly display the Thinking Blogger tag and be sure to make a nod to her whats did the choosing. Those are the really rules. I didn’t make them up. Now for my 'Five Blogs That Make Me Think':

1. Debbie Millman, for her smarts, her variety of subjects, her honesty, and for always asking the right questions.

2. Howard, for being One of The Few Good Men (Men Who Think) and for keeping us current on all the good music.

3. Jennifer, for being so audaciously shocking and intelligent. She’s got to work on her frequency of posts, but I’m allowing for her recent health issues.

4. Grayson, for staying on top of all things political so I don’t have to and for exercising so many different media.

5. Dave, because there IS no greater thinker. And because when he becomes a bajillionaire, he'll still be a sweet boy.


Grayson said...

Wow! This is most cool. Is the thinking dude in stone the emblem we get to embed?

possum said...

I think he's on the John. I mean, no offense.

Collin said...

Yay, Tania. Thanks for doing this and the shout out. The Thinking Blogger tag is actually on the left of Tania's blog...scroll down under the archive.

Howard said...

I couldn't be more honored. Honestly. It's always nice to know someone is getting something out of it besides me. And my mom.

debbie millman said...

thank you so much! i am so thrilled! i am considering who to pay it forward to very carefully...

or is it whom?

: )

dave said...

Thanks so much Tania!

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