Update, 9:12 a.m.

(Phone rings.)

George: I need you to verify that I have a stomachache and that I have permission to leave.

TR: Let me see if I can find the Pepto Bismol. Liquid, of course.

George: Just tell the lady.

(Shuffling sounds)

Office Lady: Mrs. B___?

TR: Uh, no. But I am Georgia's mom.

Office Lady: Will you be picking her up?

TR: She has her car.

Office Lady: So, it's all right for her to drive?

TR: Sure. I mean, if she feels up to it.

Office Lady: Okay then. (As she's hanging up) Next?


biggy said...

tsk tsk

mamoo said...

back in my day (the dark ages) it was always our "period". and the office lady never questioned the six of us who checked out at the same time very month.
and our parent(s) never questioned our tans that we had after going to acworth beach on these days.

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